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This is the blog of Sean Stephens (formerly, Dark Elf productions Inc.)

Hamilton based Father, Husband, Production Lighting Technician and Photographer.

I moved to Toronto in 1995 to attend Ryerson Polytechnic University, studying Theatre Technical Production under the wonderful tutelage of Jean Charles and Sandy Black as well as a wealth of other industry professional instructors, particularly the lighting Design ability of Sholem Dolgoy.

In 1998, shortly before completing my Bachelors Degree in ’99, I began working at Christie Lites in their Toronto Warehouse packing orders. I managed to advance through a major growth period in the company until I was managing the entire Toronto rentals department. After only two years in the warehouse, I was redeployed and began working in the field as a technician starting in 2000. Aside from a few misguided forays back into the warehouse, I’ve been happily helping shows get up and running (and taken back down again)across North America since then.

As a Lighting Technician I specialize primarily in Corporate and Trade Show lighting, but that doesn’t stop me from getting involved in Rock and Roll shows, Theatre and other various events that need my skills. I focus on the technical and behind the scenes aspects of installing and maintaining lighting systems for Designers, although I’m well versed in running a number of Conventional and Moving Light Consoles, as well as designing shows. My true love however, is the world that the public doesn’t see, filled with cables and connectors.
Crew Chief, Dimmer Technician and Production Electrician are the job titles I most often fall under in a given event.

When it comes to Photography, I’ve found my experience in lighting and general production management knowledge to be a great asset behind the camera as well. I enjoy taking a more studio or controlled direction with my photography, controlling and shaping light artificially as opposed to relying purely on natural lighting. While I enjoy shooting people (especially children) for portraits, portfolio and head shots, I discovered I also enjoy the challenge of interior architecture and design photography, capturing the beauty and details of a designer’s work.

What you won’t find me doing is shooting weddings. If you’d like me to offer an unbiased eye or consult on what you should be looking for to help you find a wedding photographer that suits your needs, I’d love to, but I won’t shoot your once in a life time event. There are enough others who will fight for that right without me joining the battleground.

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